By Belmont Immobilier

The Belmont Group‘s approach to real estate is unique.
Like investment bank brokers, we manage the entire transaction and negotiation process, so that our customers remain anonymous right up to signature.

We treat our customers’ requests (purchases and sales) with absolute discretion, and search for properties or buyers on their behalf without ever divulging their identity. We guarantee an unbiased price in complete confidentiality. When you work with Groupe Belmont, you benefit from a single point of contact who will secure your real estate project from start to finish.

None of the goods we have available to buy or sell is publicly accessible or listed on the market.

Each transaction is carried out in compliance with the law, thanks to the expertise of our legal partners and in close collaboration with our customers, who include both private and professional investors.

" Transaction "

Feminine noun

FR /tʁɑ̃zaksjɔ̃/

from transigere : arrange
Commercial or stock market transaction.

" Real estate "


FR /imɔbilje/ – /imɔbiljɛʁ/

A property is the inseparable whole of a building and the land on which it stands.